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Twisted Fairground invites you to come face to face with Basuringo, a force, with a voice carrying an inherent knowledge from the depths of human existence…the enormous world we label as disposable!

An evolving project mixing art installation, robotic puppetry and theatre.

…this protagonist is a larger than life sized character and an ambitious new project, that works purley on 12v power and is controlled by radio control. 

He can displace freely from one place to another and he is equipped to interact in lots of real life situations, he can take part in live music and he communicates in his own distinct language.

Basuringo is available as a ridiculous moving site specific show with one actor and an electro-puppeteer, that is ready for almost anything!.

This project was made between Matt Knight ( artist image and mechanical movement) and Sebastian Jara (electronic design and programming).

Meet Basuringo Face-to-Face